Tips to make your day a success!

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We're determined to build thousands of friendships, to change long-held perceptions, to create thousands of memories, and to have a fantastic day that will enrich lives!

For far too long the care home sector has been marred by the negative press generated by a small number of badly run homes, and we’re determined to show people what our care homes are really about.

We want the world to realise that care homes really can be inspiring places, full of unique, intelligent and charming characters, and run by special people that really do care.

So please get involved, register your home and then get everyone in your home involved to think of a great event to hold on the day.

Useful Resources

If you are having an event at your home or you're part of a community that wishes to help raise awareness of the National Care Home Open Day, you can help get the message out by putting up posters, including us in a newsletter or sending out an email.


Start promoting your event with leaflets using this A4 template to get you started.


Press Release

Download a press release template for use in promoting your event to local press.


If you need more information, tips or advice, just click here to download our PDF.